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A Dark Dragon, is a role-playing, text-based game that supports multiple languages.

A Dark Dragon is a best selling text MUD RPG game which begins in a dark room. This is a game that RPG fans should not miss.

A Dark Dragon consists of text and illustrations, and you can widen your imagination while playing this game. You can have a special experience extending beyond that of ordinary mobile games, with each gamer’s enjoyment of “A Dark Dragon” being dependent on their own imagination. It is a unique game.

Game method:

A Dark Island has been infiltrated by the dark, hence it's name

A Dragon crashed somewhere in the woods during the dark.

After finding the Dragon called Mika, you must escape the island.

There is not much time left.

It is impossible for only one person to survive in this dangerous island.

You must gather people and create a village.

To create a hut where people can stay, you need to gather wood.

You should put traps in the forest to gather food and make armor to protect your body.

When everything is ready, you must leave to explore the dark forest with a compass, water, food and weapons.

After finding the dragon, which the people call “Dark Dragon”, you need to escape the island.

You develop the village by gathering wood, starting a fire and building a hut. In the meantime, you search the island, which is encompassed by dark aura. By exploring around, you can fight monsters and get useful loot. From the beginning to the end, it is possible to create your own story according to your choices.

The adventure begins with the Dark Island

The secret of the dark forest ...

A story full of tension will unfold.

The fate of the dark island is depending on you. Let's start the game right now.

❖ Features ❖

➤multi-language support

➤10 stages to explore

➤text-based role-playing game

➤Fusion games with village development, rogue-like action and shooting.

❖ Supported languages

English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian

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